Our Artisan Eco Practices

Tofino Towel Co. and the weavers we have associated with put our sustainability practices at the forefront.  A ecological future in only possible with everyone aligned on the same values.  We believe that ‘less is more’ when it comes to selecting the right materials for our products. 

Tofino Towel Co. Weavers 1

By working directly with fair-trade master artisans we ethically source natural materials to be hand-loomed into our collections. Their generations-old tradition of hand-looming creates designs that last and are created in a sustainable and fair trade practices. Our approach to ‘slow-fashion’ allows these master artisans to utilize their incredible talents and teaches future generations to carry forward these otherwise lost traditions.

From the weaving to the materials, each portion of our process is essential to the values we stand for.  We achieve this by partnering with weavers that are certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GOTS, IOAS & Control Union certifications.  All of our weavers share the same beliefs in their practices, allowing us to have a minimal impact on the environment.

Our Artisans kindly shared their thoughts and beliefs on being eco conscious and sustainable. 

“Nature is a unique source of inspiration for us. Every product we design has a counterpart in miraculous nature.

We strive to minimize our wastes at all stages of our production, we either recycle or recycle the wastes generated. We go to simplify our product packaging and use simple and environmentally friendly designs with materials that respect nature. In the areas inside the company building, we prefer more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials instead of disposable plastic and cardboard products.

Of course, we consume while producing, like every organism. However, one of our greatest efforts is to significantly reduce the traces it leaves, even if it cannot completely eliminate the damage it causes to nature. It strives for this with everyone in its body and wants to use resources respectfully while presenting its own pleasure.”

Tofino Towel Co. Weavers 3

We are committed to creating high quality, timeless designs that have been crafted by hand with love.  Our partnerships with our weavers have been carefully curated meet our standards for sustainability and fair trade practices.  Together with our weavers we are commitment to responsible and ethical production.

Together we bring you high quality multipurpose products that allow you to do more so you can own less.