Tips & Tricks
How to care for your Turkish Towel

Are you looking to buy one of our signature Turkish towels?  Or maybe you have one and want to know how to care for your towel to make it last longer?  Below are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Turkish towels and making them last for years.

tofino towel in kitchen

Brand new Turkish Towel?  

  • Lucky you!  We recommend for you to wash new towels –  New towels have been flat packed for shipping and can feel crisp and a little stiff. When the towels are shipped tightly packed in vacuum packages  the compression removes the feel and fluffiness. Washing your new towels before their first use will give them a softer feeling.  

Do you need to wash a Turkish Towel before you use it? 

  • Yes, the answer is yes.  Turkish cotton has long fibers. In order to get those fibers to open up, they need to be exposed to water. Once the fibers are loose and open they're ready to soak up water off your bod.  To make your towels ultra-absorbent check out our point below on how you can prep your towel for greatness. 

tofino towel with soap

How to care for your brand new towel?

  • Our organic Turkish towels are pre-washed, but to help increase its absorbency, let it soak in cold water for about 12 hours before you wash it for the first time. This allows the cotton fibers expand, ensuring maximum absorbency and softness. Wring the towel and let it hang dry. You'll only need to do this when you first get your towel, there is no need to repeat the process. It also doesn't hurt to give a tug on the knots of each fringe piece to ensure they're nice and snug so they won't unravel when you wash. 

Washing your towel?

  • Try adding vinegar to the wash cycle. A half to full cup of white vinegar to the occasional wash load is a great natural way to increase absorbency (by changing the water Ph).  Vinegar can also help with any bacteria that has built up on the towel after use and can also help remove odors from a towel that has been in storage or heavy use.  We do recommend that you launder your towel(s) in cold water using the delicate cycle with similar colours using a natural or mild soap, and hang to dry. Use a steamer or iron on a low setting to smooth our any wrinkles (if wrinkles matter to you). 

What not to use for your towel?

  • This is not your ordinary towel, this towel needs your love and attention.  Care for it and it will care for you.  We recommend to avoid fabric softners, they change the Ph of the rinse water and reduces the ability of the towel to absorb water. Plus can lead to a buildup of residue on the towel fibers.  Do not use chlorine bleach. While chlorine is a great stain remover and whitener, it can radically deteriorate the life of your Turkish towels by harming and weakening the fibers.  Avoid high heat, if you put your Turkish towel in the dryer it will not love you for it. High heat will ‘upset’ the fibers and cause a faster breakdown of the towel. 


  • Wash before using
  • Use a gentle setting 
  • Use a natural soap or detergent sparingly
  • Air dry when possible


  • Use before washing (well you can, we just don’t recommend it) 
  • Expose your towel to bleach, fabric softeners or high heat