Chelsea King Collaboration
Repurpose with Purpose

We always want to find new and unique ways to use our fabrics with a goal to be as sustainable and leave behind as little waste as possible. Our textiles are hand-woven, so on a rare occurrence some small flaws in the weaving process can happen.  When discovering any items with these subtle imperfections, we work to find a new purpose and life for our quality fabrics. We are fortunate that our Artisans believe in the same sustainable practices as us - thus our upcycling and repurposing began.  

Through our collaboration with Chelsea King we were able repurpose our 100% organic Turkish cotton fabric into their signature classic scrunchies.

Why did we partner with Chelsea King?

It really was 'great minds think alike'.  The core values of our two companies came together so seamlessly.  We both believe in sustainability, being eco conscious, and respect the beauty of 'slow fashion'.  

"We believe that fashion should be hands-on. Replacing the impersonal nature of factory production, we infuse care, respect and humanity into every piece of fabric we sew. In our commitment to slow fashion and our local economy, our creations remain eco-conscious and handmade in Canada.

We collaborate with other eco-conscious brands through our upcycle fashion initiatives. Driven by our mutual efforts to renew materials, we transform products that don’t make their way to retail, giving them a new purpose and journey.

By rescuing fabric remnants or repurposing slightly imperfect garments, we transform these pieces into adorable hair ties and scrunchies. This way, each handmade hair accessory is truly one-of-a-kind." ~ Chelsea King

The team at Chelsea King has created these one-of-a-kind limited edition scrunchies using our signature organic Turkish cotton. Chelsea King scrunchies are designed with exceptional quality, including their signature elastic that doesn't stretch out, while keeping the hair in place.  

Each scrunchie is unique with the patterns varying in each piece. They are the perfect accessory for a day at the beach - you can even coordinate with your favourite towel! 

We hope you love this collection as much as we do.