1% Model
Partnership Announcement

Image provided by Nicole Holman Photography


Tofino Towel Co. adopted the 1% Model of giving back since its inception in 2015.  Throughout our 6+ years of being in business we have had the honour of donating to various charities. This year we made the decision to align ourselves with a permanent partner for our 1% Model. It was important for us to partner with an organization that was aligned with our standards as a business and our practices.   

The team at Tofino Towel Co. are very excited to announce our new partnership with Surfrider Pacific Rim. The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beached, for all people, through a powerful activist network. They are a group of coastal defenders dedicated naturalists living and working on the waters of West Coast. 

We selected Surfrider because of what they stand for as an organization, plus the different programs and events they host within the community. Their mission of the ‘protection and enjoyment of the ocean, waves and beaches for all people’ pairs perfectly with our own standards.  It was extremely important to us that our donation gives back to the magic of the coastline and oceans that surround us.  

Starting in 2021 Tofino Towel Co. will donate 1% of all profits Surfrider Pacific Rim in order to help preserve the picturesque beaches and precious wild life on the West Coast.

 Image provided by Nicole Holman Photography


A note from Surfrider:

"Under the Surfrider Foundation mission, the Pacific Rim Chapter focuses on ending plastic pollution and materializing a circular economy. On the west coast of Vancouver Island, our victories include a ban on single-use plastic bags, straws, and polystyrene takeaway containers. Through our campaigns, which currently include Cut the Cutlery and Take Back the Tap, we're working to eliminate all single-use plastic takeaway packaging across the Pacific Rim. Through our programs, we're leading public education and awareness around Rising Above Plastics, we're restoring shorelines from plastic pollution and using our beach clean data to inform plastic policies, we're educating youth on plastic pollution and how they can take action on this issue within their schools, as well as turning waste into resources through the upcycling of cigarette butts, wetsuits, marine debris, and other petroleum products.

We are beyond thrilled to be partnering with Tofino Towel Co. as their chosen organization for 1% For the Planet, and we'll be using this funding to advance our goals of eliminating and banning all single-use plastic takeaway packaging, which in 2021 includes plastic/bioplastic cutlery and plastic water bottles." ~ Lilly Woodbury Surfrider Pacific Rim


To learn more about Surfrider Pacific Rim please click the link below to visit Surfrider’s Charitable Impact account.  You can support their work that is leading action on plastic pollution, promising healthier oceans and coastlines for the people of today and for generations to come.