Australia Wild Fire Raffle

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Australia Wild Fire Raffle
Australia Wild Fire Raffle
Australia Wild Fire Raffle
Australia Wild Fire Raffle
Australia Wild Fire Raffle
Australia Wild Fire Raffle
Australia Wild Fire Raffle



1 x Coastal Throw (colour of your choice)

1 x Journey Throw (colour of your choice)

1 x Shore Washed Waffle Throw (colour of your choice)

1 x Nest Throw

1 x Estevan Throw

1 x Endeavour Throw

1 x Florencia Round Towel

1 x Helm Series Kitchen Towels (colour of your choice)

1 x Harmony Bathrobes (size of your choice)

1 x Serene Kimono Denim

***Total Funds Raised / Donated and the Three Lucky Winners will be Announced Jan 31, 2020***

The people and wildlife of Australia need our help! There are over 150 fires that are burning across Australia as we speak. More than 1,300 homes destroyed, countless animals killed and tens of thousands of acres of national park and forest land burned. Ecologists at the University of Sydney have estimated that this year’s fire season have either killed or badly injured 500 million animals, including birds, mammals and reptiles. That number doesn’t include insects, frogs or bats. People have lost everything they have. Homes have been destroyed, wildlife has been destroyed, the devastation that has come with these fires is unfathomable. The Australian people and wildlife are crying out for help and if we can be people that can make a difference by any means, then let's make a difference. Instead of saying why me? Let's start saying why not me. If you can participate then fantastic, If you can't then just a simple share would be amazing! Our hope is that we can raise enough money to make a meaningful difference to the wildlife and people of Australia that need it the most. 

Imagine if every business in the world donated just 1% of their profits, products and peoples time to a meaningful cause outside of their organization. What would that world look like?

At Tofino Towel Co. we believe in a philanthropic & sustainable approach to doing business therefore we will be committed to what we call the 1% MODEL.

  • We will donate 1% of all profits to local non-profits in order to help preserve the picturesque beaches and precious wild life of the west coast. We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society They are a group of dedicated naturalists living and working on the waters of west coast Vancouver Island BC, conducting primary research and monitoring of various marine ecosystems in Clayoquot Sound.
  • We will donate 1% of our product to those in need (example = product donation for charitable silent auctions and local community fundraisers).
  • We will donate 1% of our employee’s time to the protection and enjoyment of the oceans, coast lines and marine wild life of Vancouver Island.


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Congratulations, you have just purchased “The Original West Coast Round Towel” by Tofino Towel Co. and we want you to have the best possible user experience right from the get go. When you un-wrap your Tofino Towel for the first time, we recommend that you put it in the dryer for five-ten minutes max. Your new towel will fluff right up lose all wrinkles and become super soft and ultra-luxurious. Your new towel has been all bundled up during the travels to its new home and needs a quick little wake-up call in the dryer to help perform its best. Now get out there and enjoy your new Tofino Towel!


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How the heck do you fold a Tofino Towel Co. round towel? We are asked this on a regular basis so we have decided to spill the beans. Check out our new three steps easy to use manual “How to Fold a Tofino Towel for Dummies”.

  1. Lay your Tofino Towel flat and fold one half over the other. Make sure the side you want to show off most starts face down.
  2. Fold both sides in until they meet and overlap in the middle.
  3. From the straight non tassel edge across the bottom, start to tightly roll up towards the rounded tassel edge. Viola! You know have a Tofino Towel in back in its original form.