How to help the people of Turkey

Turkey Fundraiser


The people of Turkey need our help!  

As you may know we are honoured to work closely with our weavers in Turkey, so the news of the devastating earthquake was heart-wrenching to hear about. We are fortunate to say that none of our weavers have personally been affected by this event, but all have connections to the area that has been affected. We have been in constant contact with our connections in Turkey and have asked how we can help from afar.

Currently more than 30,000 people have died and they are anticipating for those numbers to rise. The magnitude of the damage, death, and devastation to Turkey & Syria is unfathomable. Many of the countries weaving houses are located in the affected area which makes this horrific event close to home for the Tofino Towel brand.

If we can be people that can make a difference by any means, then let's make a difference. If you can participate then fantastic, If you can't then just a simple share would be amazing! Our hope is that we can raise enough money to make a meaningful difference to the people of Turkey that need it the most. 

We have created a raffle to raise funds to give back. We are running a raffle from February 8th to February 28th. Visit our home page or any product page to learn more about our giveback.

100% of your raffle ticket purchase is going directly to supporting a vetted and trusted organizations that are leading rescue and recovery efforts on the ground. You can purchase tickets from any of our shop pages on our website. 100% of raffle ticket sales will be donated to The Humanitarian Coalition

Want to give back directly?  We have listed organizations from our connections in Turkey plus local Canadian organizations too.

Canadian Organizations:
Red Cross, Oxfam, Global Giving, Unicef, and the Humanitarian Coalition

Turkish Organizations: 


Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Turkey 🤍